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Related article: Date: Monday, December 19, 2005 13 41st 46 0000 ( GMT ) From: Gerzy Morgandoze u003cgerzymorgandoze yahoo. co. UK u003e Subject : Brother u0026 Part of Two Sisters. was three days after the embarrassing discovery of my best friend Ben, of me and my sister 12 years in bed together. Ben had trapped us camera and now the two had in their possession. was in school and now have to wait until the break to see what n Ben had in store for me next. The bell rang too early and little by little I -yard line. My heart fluttered at the sight of Ben on the corner of courtyard to share a joke with some friends of his own year, he began to my ​​eyes and said something to his friends, before deciding. It came with a wry smile on the face of my obvious discomfort joy n. "Relax friend, nobody knows. I have not been shown the photos to anyone. " "Good. " I do not know what I mean. " Listen, Melissa Jenkins, made ​​fun of me through all the PE, I am furious Stiffi, why not help me, blood ? " " No, thank you. " I said with a mixture of fear and expectation, I have wants you to know that the idea was good to me. " Let me put it another way, come with me to the locker room to suck out," he said, leaning with a cute smile. Karyn suddenly and our older sister Nicola was going on. Nicola 15 years old, but looked about twelve. She had the same reddish brown hair like me and Karyn and green eyes, and a handful freckles. Her breasts looked even flatter than it was in baggy white shirt, striped tie and jacket to school. Ben smiled back , and looked eagerly to my two sisters, as he walked away. "We have done Nicola ! " " I bet you like that too. " He looked at me. "N ^ A is not true. " I stammered, blushing. " Come on, you can stop for a while and get to the locker room. " In the boys locker room, we have provided for a quick, no onlookers, and then turned to Ben me in the face. I could see the bulge in the front of its headquarters pants, and I had a grby lump on my account. " Then take off. " " What if someone comes ? " I saw him in a panic. " What if I get SMS to the photos? " I was over a barrel. I started my shirt while he n impatiently opened the belt, pulled my pants down and then pushed hands erect at the waist of the pants and threw down and reveal my four-inch hairless young cock and small balls of hair. that stroked gently and turned so he could see my ass, was soft and firm, and I was very proud of it. He turned to face him and put his hands on my shoulders pushing me to a kneeling position. I was with the heel and unzipped. His long and thick rooster jumped out to a full view of the head was white with purple sticky precum weeping. " I've been waiting all morning. " He said enthusiastically. To know that I could not do it later, licked up and down throbbing rock hard shaft, I could see her hair blonde to taste rough n the base. I licked and licked the head shiny pre-cum sweet, before the whole head in his mouth. At what point Ben put his hands on both sides of the head and pushed his cock in the n If you are going. I felt the zipper of his pants against my lips. the hands of his s were in my ears could not hear what was happening, but tense and tried to separate from their shock when I felt his hands on a pulling my pants and pulled his pants my shoes in and out of , I tried to look on the page, but Ben blocked my view of her pelvis. The joints of the tail was always wild and I could feel pulse, one, two, three times in my mouth before being filled with hot water, sweet sauce. Ben held my head until I had no choice but to swallow quantity. With time away from his cock was slightly red, swollen, but still, as clumsily put it back in your pants zipped and package removed. I looked around my uniform, but could not find aywhere. Ben smiled in a bad way, I did not like at all. " I had a bit of a challenge. " He said cheerfully. " break the will arrive in five minutes and a class of eleven and twelve years to use the facilities to see if you can get away or hidden until lunchtime. Clothing can have. " I saw him in horror, in passing, gave my penis is still hard slight bump and left his backpack swung over his shoulder. o I did not know what to do, I looked around desperately some clothes but it was nothing. Spare pants and shirts are kept in the office but that was on the other side of the gym. I looked at the clock to see if I have time for a run on the risk of wide extension of the office of s. Then the doorbell rang and I knew it was only a few seconds. I looked at the shower open, it was one that could fit into a twenty children time, they are very far from hiding ! Karyn Then I remembered ! PE would do now, as fast as I dEDVI through the door, down the hall and the girls in the locker room. This is the first thing I saw was Karyn hanging from his wrists from a lighter attachment , which was his own school tie, fixed point, standing naked and toe in a bank, were the ankles jump ropes, to the wire connected in the back of the bank in a position that his legs were bound separately and its small, tight smooth little Cunny hair freckles to eye full were the only things I had knee, white cotton socks and black sneakers. She had tears in his eyes and sighed when he saw a me. "What happened ? " They both asked in unison. When I broke out, exchanged stories, Melissa Jenkins had appeared Karyn and asked, with a message he had received in his eyes phone, which was the pictures that Ben had taken, and Melissa said Karyn Lolita Pedo Fuck had to do what they said or images to go around of the school like wildfire. Melissa Karyn led to the locker room and then out and sput a finger on the little Karyn tight snatch before pulling one's skirt and panties left ankle reveals dust slightly hairy little pussy with little black pubic hair, out to dinner for starters, I ordered Karyn. Karyn did it and how Melissa began grinding her pussy on the face was attacked by Karyn Karyn back and down on the bench, where he saw that Melissa friend Sally, who had seized and now join to the of the lamp and the Bank. Sally and Melissa stood before her, , and took it in turn to his lips with his thumb and index finger and part start licking her delicious slit silky. And then ran Karyn clothes with them, to say the same thing Ben told me. for n ow been resolved, and we looked at each other what to do. " I know that if you run through the office and try to get some replacement parts kit or to hide, at least. " I nodded, "Nobody has the building but it is not usual to arrive, maybe we VHAe is a bit of luck today. " Karyn smiled nervously, as if we had the doors, went to the gym, look out the window and the air is clean, I looked at her little sister, my s, and she smiled back. He took my hand and pulled her through the door. " Ok let's go! " ran through the seemingly huge sports hall, before bursting breath through the office door. Just as we heard, he tore the door outside and a murmur of young voices. " Just in time ! " Karyn gasped. We look around us, fortunately, the office was not much, since the powder was used. Karyn extended to an open box on a shelf to take and put it on the table \\ \\ n, despite the circumstances, I was still stiff and songs like that does not help. We look in the box and had a small selection of white poles gymslips gray, but no shorts or trunks. Karyn pulled a shirt Gymslip one, and told me to look around for shorts, it must be somewhere. Gymslip quickly pulled to the waistand on the pole, straightened up and looked at me. " What do you think ?" She said, smoothing down his forehead. The house was small, must have been made ​​by an eighth year old mind s, that Lolita Pedo Fuck barely covered her small even small snatch. The pole was at least a size too small, so that finish just below your navel and narrows still overloaded small tits. " is the only one who can lead, the others are Lolita Pedo Fuck too big and go down the slide " Karyn said, depressed, " And now I have to go out and play basketball in it. " She looked at me s up and down and covered my stiffy shame. " Do not worry, I saw him !" Smiled at me " would be better to stay here when Mrs. Jarvis, hide in the actions closet. " I nodded, knowing I have not much choice. "I go into the dressing children as soon as I get my clothes and a for you. " He said kindly. " OK, thanks sis! Do you scoot out there, now!" I stroked s tight little bottom and she jumped out the door. went to the window to see who was one of the polarized anyway what no one saw me until I came to light. Karyn ran towards the group of girls who had entered the room, the child s are going to play football. Karyn was her best friend, Lisa pale skinny blond girl with pigtails. I saw Lisa Karyn view in a manner surprised, and she grabbed the edge playing the front of the window, and put the belly. It was obvious to comment the spread of clothing. See what has been done, so wasting time hard cock and I reached out to relieve pressure. I could not stop I was there and saw the pretty girls jumping and running about, especially my sister with the list of small, despite their best efforts kept stirring s to give glimpses of pink teammates. were for n ow I felt, which reached its climax, I was washing grabbed my cock and slid my foreskin fixedback and forth faster and is faster, until it rode a wave of intense pleasure it gave me milk that is done in two long spurts splashed over my hand and on the ground n. I fell on my knees, breathing hard and hold my now flaccid thick. It was a polite cough from behind, I looked around with a beginning Lolita Pedo Fuck to Lolita Pedo Fuck see Mrs. Jarvis was standing there with a frown on his face ^ a continued Mrs. Jarvis looked at me, as I before I was with my hand covering my ​​penis flaccid and shriveled balls. "What is happening here? You're not a little brother Karyn " he asked. "Yes, ma'am. " N replied meekly. did a little calculation and are almost amusing in his face. "What are you playing? It falls back into a small gym and top and no panties, and you're naked in the office playing with , even and especially my girl. " Snapped language and Mrs. Jarvis shook his head. could still hear the panting and gnashing of trainers and the bounce of the ball and the exclamationgene of the girls out. " Well, then I want you to stay here after school and I will bring to their sister and we can see what he has to say. " " Yes, ma'am. " I was able to say anything else. " One more thing, to see what you got! " "What? "Oh, no! I want to see what it has, it was kind of a fart? Without warning, Mrs. Jarvis came up to me and grabbed my wrist crack my ​​hand from my soldiers a cool breeze stimulated my cock, and s began to expand again, as I tried desperately to think -erotic thoughts. Mrs. Jarvis looked at my genitals without hair and smiled. " Only a child ? " put my balls in her hand and squeezed it gently, is the tail in the upright position, head and rubbed the palm of your hand. Mrs. Jarvis resigned and gave me one last look up and down. "right, wait here, and I wrapped the lesson and is sister and you can tell me what is going on. " You did it before I could answer, and I heard a key to yourWARNING in the castle. damn This was just what I needed to see, even a person to see us naked. I looked out the window, my erection had not diminished, when I saw Mrs. Jarvis run on the game and yelled something, and a pipe. was very attractive, which made ​​matters worse, the guys had a crush load in it. With a black short bob style twenty years, and firm breasts pointing to their shirts tight, and companies are looking for a nice round ass in your sweatpants. They were in the course of the game was broken and the girl was sweating the shower, which, Karyn and Lolita Pedo Fuck Lisa realized jokes, took Lisa Karyn from behind around the waist and rubbed his back against his chest Karyn. Mrs. Jarvis approached her and pushed Lisa, while Karyn grabbing his arm and with his other hand on the back right of his thigh, just below the edge of the small Karyn Gymslip carried \\ \\ n Office suddenly looked scared. Ms Karyn Jarvis marched to the door and locked it, pushed him through Karynr came n and then through the door locked from the inside. Karyn and I looked at each other, we were both blushing furiously, even n bothering to hide. " Okay, what's going on with you two that I have of you dressed as , and the other a female nude and masturbating in my office. " Karyn looked at me with curiosity to mention, I blushed even more more. We stood in silence, just looking down. Could Mrs. Jarvis went to Karyn and started the rapid movement Gymslip and took the small Cunny Karyn tight before her legs closed. "You can also just around the Liitle that blatant. " Said Mrs. Jarvis Pull the shirt over his head Karyn. " You are not the property of the school are ? Where are your own clothes ? " Karyn she twisted free and ran to me and clung to the arms around my chest and protection the shoulders. " does not help, Karyn, have to say, or we will end up worse. " " OK, I tell you everything. " So I said to Mrs. Jarvis, all thand starting when n I found myself in the office, I looked at both his eyes were opened when the story on. When I finished I realized it was more fun than anything else. " Come on you two, or dinner is over. Let's go over the locker room and find your clothes. " in a daze Karyn and I followed Mrs. Jarvis on sports drafts large Hall and the boys cloakroom, joined Mrs. Jarvis we push back both through the door and saw too late the room was occupied, Ben Mellissa, Sally, and five men of the years were on the banks of the Sat through the room. They were still dressed in their uniforms and s a big smile on their faces, our ordeal, apparently not over yet. To be continued...
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